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"Where you learn how to lose weight and keep it off by understanding how your body uses food for fuel."

The EasySlim weight loss programme has been designed by qualified health professionals as an easy, flexible eating plan that achieves weight-loss results easily while improving your  health,  vitality and well-being.

On the EasySlim programme, you have flexibility that suits your lifestyle, you eat real foods including the foods you have always enjoyed eating.

Our programme is  easily customised to suit your lifestyle and food preference as there are no pre-packaged foods, pills, potions or shakes, just real everyday foods.

Join hundreds of clients who have lost weight with EasySlim and kept it off by following the EasySlim diet protocol, where you can eat the foods you enjoy each and every day with improved health and well being and mostly enjoying life as we were meant to – free from low self esteem, free from aches and pains associated with weight gain, free from mobility issues when just moving is a problem, free from the constant struggle to lose weight and keep it off!

EasySlim weight loss HCG

Weight Loss

By coaching you through the weight loss process, we are able to support your weight loss safely, with rapid results, adding immeasurable value to your health.

Nutrition workshops

Your body needs to be loaded up with vital nutrients to be able to shed the excess weight. By following a healthy eating plan, you are able to improve your health and wellbeing while you lose weight. It's great to look good, it's important to have optimal health.

EasySlim weight loss HCG

Move More

Walking, running, climbing. Your body will benefit from the increased activity by simply moving more.

Featured Plans

At-Home plan

In EasySlim’s Do-it- Yourself plan you are able to work your way through the programme protocol on your own and be in touch with your coach when needing additional support. 

Group Meeting support

Committing to a group meeting each week gives you a sense of accountability, commitment and community while you work towards better health, renewed energy and sustainable weight loss. Lectures cover a multitude of health & wellbeing topics.

personal 1:1 coaching

Personal health coaching provides you with one to one private consultations. Each week we measure your progress, discuss challenges and provide motivation & guidance, discuss a  Health & Wellness Lecture series topic  followed by a personal health evaluation check. 

Three reasons our diet works!

Reason 1. Our programme is science based. A diet needs to be, to be successful. It can’t just be calories in – calories out, that doesn’t work long-term, you end up hungry, deprived and with a lower metabolism and you put the weight straight back on. It works with your body,s chemistry, triggering sustainable weight loss.

Reason 2. You feel well on the programme with higher energy levels, fewer cravings, and better sleep.

Reason 3. You are fully supported by professionally qualified health coaches who are dedicated to you and your weight loss success.

What Our Clients say

I've managed to keep my weight off with EasySlim by doing everything I learnt on the programme, I feel proud that I finally can just be me and I owe it all to my personal coach Francie who made me fall in love with being in control

Lizzie Thom

EasySlim weight loss HCG

I was introduced to EasySlim twenty kilos ago. I see a huge benefit with their combination of programme protocols and goal setting.

Emma Vervain

Ring us today to find out when the next Group is scheduled to start in your area and secure your place as numbers are limited to provide individualised support in a small group environment.

Choose today, to reach your HEALTH & WEIGHT LOSS goal starting now.

Choose a plan that best suits your schedule and your lifestyle. All plans offer full support.



EasySlim Diet Protocol

EasySlim Food Guide

EasySlim Approved Recipe Guide

EasySlim Daily Weight Loss Tracker

EasySlim Weekly Food Diary

EasySlim Qualified Personal Health Coach Support

EasySlim Super Slimming Tea 100gm (additional)

Group Support
weekly meeting


Membership Start-up $69

EasySlim Diet Protocol

EasySlim Food Guide

EasySlim Approved Recipe Guide

EasySlim Daily Weight Loss Tracker

EasySlim Weekly Food Diary

EasySlim Super Slimming Tea

EasySlim Qualified Group Coaching

Weekly meetings, health tutorials, nutritional advice and motivational group support.

personal 1:1 Coaching
12 week support pLAN


EasySlim Diet Protocol

EasySlim Food Guide

EasySlim Approved Recipe Guide

EasySlim Daily Weight Loss Tracker

EasySlim Weekly Food Diary

EasySlim Herbal Slimming Tea (100 cups)

EasySlim Qualified Personal Health Coach

Personal support with your professional weight loss coach with weekly meetings, lifestyle advice and guidance. Support 24/7 via our Phone Number, Skype & Email.

"Phone in for a free appointment to meet your coach, ask questions and find out how the EasySlim programme works."

"Scientifically researched programme based on real foods. Heals fatty liver, leaky gut, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and stubborn weight loss!"