EasySlim weight loss HCG
EasySlim weight loss HCG

The EasySlim Programme is a unique scientifically researched biological approach to dieting.  This unique programme is structured for successful weight-loss based on your body’s biochemical reactions and metabolic response to certain foods and emotional triggers.

You are provided  with a step-by-step blueprint for success in losing your excess weight and putting an end the yo-yo dieting once and for all.

EasySlim® has been based on up-to-date scientific research published by eminent doctors and scientists in The Lancet Medical Journal.  The latest, most profound medical studies proved over and over again that being over weight was not a matter of calories in-calories out in an attempt to lose weight but was deep rooted into the biochemistry of each and everyone one of us.

This unique diet protocol, based on years of research, in search of a much more manageable, sustainable, achievable weight loss protocol that works like no other diet.

                                         Retain muscle while releasing fat stores, increasing metabolic rates and lowering weight ‘set-points’. 

The diet transitions extremely well into a lifestyle eating plan that leaves you satisfied, nourished and totally in control of your food choices for the rest of your life.
The transformation it offers for weight loss and body image, health, emotional balance is unparalleled anywhere.

In the past, if diets have failed to lead you to your ultimate goal of permanent weight loss and optimal health, they weren’t formulated to support your unique biochemistry and physiology. This diet isn’t for everyone, some people don’t have the same metabolic response to insulin when eating carbohydrate foods.

Are you someone that has an exaggerated response to eating foods that trigger an abnormal response;

*who cannot eat normally as others do without gaining weight and retaining fluid in puffy ankles and feet.
*when eating certain high sugar foods, you end up eating more than you first set out to or even wanted to
*who puts on weight really easily and finds it so hard to shift even following a strict plan                                                                                                                         *who eats a full meal and is hungry again in an hour or two

Then you can be confident that this programme was developed for you. This diet has been clinically tested and proven to work for those men and woman that have insulin resistance and metabolic imbalance. This diet is a successful means to improved health and permanent weight loss.  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this programme was developed for YOU!


 Ready for your transformation and your new life?  Take the first step today.